Dutch supercar challenge by Do Me

Circuit spa francorchamps - Do Me love drink, race car, Dutch supercar challenge

What does supercar challenge and our love drink Do Me have in common? They share the same

passion for life and breathtaking moments. That’s why, this year we teamed up in the name of

the experiences that count.

The Dutch supercar challenge is held annually and touring cars, GTs and Sportscars can all

participate on an equal basis within the same class, enabled by very open regulations.

Since high speed racing and Do Me have the same effect on the body – that tingling feeling

going through the body which makes your heart beat faster and makes you experience life to

the fullest, we decided to support the event by becoming a proud sponsor. We branded the

whole experience with Do Me spirit and our pink angels were to be seen everywhere - because

fast cars always go together with beautiful women.

The Dutch super car contest hosted 7 events with 4 divisions. At the start of the Finale weekend

in which it was raced with gt cars such as Porsche 991 gt3, BMW M4, Lamborghini Huracan,

there were 4 remaining title contenders. After fierce competition, the speedlover Porsche 911

Gt3 of John de Wilde took the lead and never gave that away during the race.

Committed to the values of love and fun moments of true passion, our Do Me team always stays

close to what gets the hearts racing and makes us experience life to the fullest.

Circuit spa francorchamps - Do Me love drink, girls on race track


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