Do Me at BPM festival Portugal

Do Me love drink at BPM festival Portugal, party happy people

Four days and nights of endless party, incredible lineup of showcases, hyped people and

positive vibes – in other words – BPM festival Portugal. An annual electronic musical festival

held in Portimao and Lagoa and an absolute must for any music lover. Multi venue event that

accommodates the best Dj’s in electro and techno music and thousands of young people who

bounce across the continent to see their favorite artists.

When that much of party energy and passion for good experiences come together we couldn’t

help but manifest there. Our team arrived in Portugal eager to meet a lot of cool people and

party together with them. We were also there with another mission – spreading the word

about something we truly believe in – our 100% natural, unisex liquid love drink DO ME.

In the name of pleasant experiences young people travel globally more and more often,

forming live music community of wild and free, energetic people whose value is to live life to

the fullest. That’s what we have in common. Our love drink with 100% herbal ingredients helps

the body and mind relax naturally so they are more open and responsive to the moments of

real joy and happiness. It facilitates the excitement and the feeling of being present which

guarantees for a quality experience. Our unisex love drink maximizes the experience that can

be started with just a touch.

Do Me love drink at BPM festival Portugal, party happy girls with baloons

From day one of the festival our boys and girls put all of their enthusiasm and energy into

explaining the benefits of DO ME and the sensation that follows after consuming it. But trying is

believing. At BPM festival Portugal we gave away thousands of our beautifully designed bottles

for people to try and experience themselves the effects of our love drink. We were extremely

happy and satisfied with the way these party young people responded to DO ME. A good

number of them came back on the next day for another shot of liquid love, claiming not only

the satisfaction from intensified sensuality and pleasant sensation, but an additional benefit of

feeling refreshed, regardless of a night of heavy partying. This positive effect on the body is

related to the herbal ingredients since most of them are antioxidants and combination of them

helps the body go easier through periods of physical or mental stress and dehydration. DO ME

can be taken in combination with other beverages including alcohol which makes it the perfect party attribute.

Stay tuned for more info on our next events. We are always on the lookout for more true moments of love and joy.

Do Me love drink at BPM festival Portugal, party happy girls drinking the shot


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